How to Download PUBG New State Apk For ios iPhone/iPad

In This Post, How To Download PUBG New State For ios, Iphone/Ipad 2021| PUBG MOBILE 2.0 : PUBG New State release date is announced for 2021 according to Krafton inc. With the ongoing PUBG Invational for PC, we won’t be surprised to see more information on a shedule release date soon enough.

According to Previous leaks suggest that pubg mobile version 2.0 of the game may include support for cross-platform capability like PCs, gaming consoles and mobiles. This means that the new version of the game may also be playable in India, where PUBG is not available to play. For those who don’t know, since 2019, the Craft 2.0 version has been worked on by Crafton, meaning it could possibly be ready, but there’s not enough certainty.

How Can I Play Pubg New State In My iPhone/iPad?

Follow the below process to install PUBG New State For Your iPhone.

How Do I Install PUBG New State On My iPhone/iPad?

Step 1: Open the app store and click on your account icon.

Step 2: Go to Your Account>Country/Region>Change Country or Region.

Step 3: Select Country to the Korea, Republic of

Step 4: Accept terms and conditions 

Step 5: Type anything on the place of Street & City

Step 6: Select City/Province to Busan and Post Code 600-011

Step 7: Click on Done Button

Step 8: Close the App Store and Reopen The App Store

Important Note: Now your App Store is switched to the Korean App Store which means you can download any app which is available in Korea

Step 9: Search PUBG & You will get the PUBG Mobile Korean Version

Step 10: Click on Get button to Install PUBG Korean Version in Your iOS Device.

PUBG New State latest apk download for iPhone and ipad ?

so follow this steps to download pubg mobile New State for your iphone and any ios devices like ipad also.

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